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Meet with one of our expert Consultants for a tailored one-to-one consultation specific to your needs.

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We offer a variety of consultations all tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Reviews...

She is a miracle worker!
After going to see Sarah at The Tonic, my hair feels amazing. I have mid psoriasis on my hair and my scalp and after my first treatment it’s amazing. The before pic it was all over my hair and the after pics speak for themselves. 90% of the flacks have gone from my hair. I can safe to say she is my go to person for my hair and scalp issues. For me she is a miracle worker.
Always inviting and comfortable
I would highly recommend Sarah if you are thinking of specialised hair or scalp treatments. I was very impressed with the professionalism and customer care received, from the initial consultation to the treatment. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience which reassured and put me at ease during the treatment, the ambiance here is always inviting and comfortable.

We Offer A Safe Space

We put customer care and confidentiality at the forefront of our work. That’s why you can expect a complete one-on-one service (or safe space to talk) in our blossoming clinic, placed in a discrete corner of the heart of Bawtry. At no time is our area shared with or by others, so you can rest assure that complete privacy is maintained at all times. Furthermore, we follow all national GDPR regulations as well as adopting the highest possible level of confidentiality.

While understanding no one should feel alone, lost or isolated when comes to hair and scalp concerns, Tonic Members have the opportunity to meet monthly at our clinic with our hair-loss community. Hosted by our leading trichologist, this informal group can be a place for advice, hair styling techniques, or just a warm welcome and refreshments.

We also aim to invite other hair-loss specialists to provide information on services outside of the remit of our clinic, as well as organise other non-sales events. Our Trichologist has also attended courses and workshops with the charity Cancer Hair Care to offer support and safe informative advice following or during cancer treatment.

Our Range of Memberships


£ 10 Per Month
  • Access to our Mailing List
  • WhatsApp Group Access
  • In-Clinic Support Groups and Events
  • Hair and Scalp Care Support
  • Follow-Up consultations every 6 months
  • Premium Refreshments*
  • One-to-One Personal Styling Services*

Level 2

£ 40 Per Month
  • As per Standard Tonic Membership with additional;
  • -
  • 1x Tonic Scalp Facial and Blow Wave finish per month by appointment only.

Level 3

£ 80 Per Month
  • As per Standard Tonic Membership with additional;
  • -
  • 8x Access to LLLT or UVB Therapy per month by appointment only.

Level 4

£ 100 Per Month
  • Introducing our PRP starter programme membership. A year-long plan, tailored by our trichologist to your requirements.
  • -
  • Standard Tonic Membership with additional;
  • 5x PRP Sessions per Year by appointment only.
  • 8x Microneedling Session per Year by appointment only.

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